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Thinking about getting a machine frame

Thinking about getting a machine frame

Postby jancanquilt » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:39 pm

I am thinking about getting a machine frame such as the Grace Mini Pinni to do my machine quilting. Does anyone have one of these. I really can not justify a Gamill or APQS just yet, I have had lessons on the APQS and loved it. So I thought maybe one of the frames might be a good alternative.
Love you hear from you all!
Thanks bunches. Jan
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Re: Thinking about getting a machine frame

Postby quilter51 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:28 pm

I've seen the new Bernina quilt frame and it looks very substantial. Check it out on the Bernina website.
It's almost $2,000 but looks like it would last.
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Re: Thinking about getting a machine frame

Postby kmouse » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:38 pm

What kind of domestic machine do you have? I like the frames but the small sewing space of a domestic machine makes the frames not so easy. There are the newer Pfaffs and a Pfaff Grand quilter (and I am sure some others) that are slightly larger than a regular machine. But if you have the room, some of the frames and the "groovy boards" can do pantograms very nicely.

Just another thought...I have a Handi Quilter 16 Sit Down machine. In the end, I knew I couldn't stand all the time to quilt. I still have to pin baste my quilts (uck) but I can sit and quilt quite satisfactorily even the largest quilts and have the large sewing space of a mid-arm machine. Price point is much less also. AND, if I ever want to add the full frame system, I can add the frame, table, Stitch Regulator and even the Pro Stitcher.

There is a new model out from HQ called the Sweet 16. Perhaps if some dealers still have the older model like mine, you might get a good price for one.

Have fun.
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Re: Thinking about getting a machine frame

Postby eileenkny » Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:54 pm

Before you make any decisions, please look at the Handiquilter site, the Tin Lizzie site, and the Pennywinkle site. They've got machines for lower prices than Gammill and APQS. Honestly, if your'e thinking about a frame, you're probably thinking about more throat space. Don't buy something that you're not going to be happy with down the road. There's also a site: that has listings for used machines. You might be able to buy more machine than you originally thought.
Hope this helps,
from the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY
Gammill Classic Plus w/IQ
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