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Quilter's Quips and Tips: From Superior Threads - Cone and Spool Recycling
April 24, 2014
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Superior Threads is often asked if you can recycle empty spools or thread cones.  Here is their answer:

We love that our customers are thinking about saving waste and possible reuse.  If we don’t take care of what we have now, what will the future generations be left with?  We are happy to answer, if the recycle center takes “polypropylene” or “PP” plastics, they can be recycled.  Some centers don’t recycle polypropylene, so we recommend calling ahead to confirm with them before you send them in. 

The shrink wrap packaging is made out of “polyethylene terephthalate” or PET for short.  This is what water bottles are made out of and can also be recycled.

Want to see how people "re-purpose" their cones and spools, click here.




TQS Quilt of the Day
April 24, 2014
To see the latest Quilts or Add Yours, Click Here Quilt Gallery

By the Light of the Moon
Quilt #: 1022908  Added on 02/20/2014
Owner: Nancy Hayes
Made By: Nancy Hayes
Year Made: 2014 - Certain
Located In: Princeville, IL United States
Description Statement:
I saw a beautiful picture and got permission to reproduce it in fabric. This was done by creating my own pattern, then dyeing all of my fabrics (except the black). I then did raw edge applique, thread painting and quilting and added crystals for the stars.

Heading Out of Town? You'll Love This Free Project!
April 23, 2014
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Planning a quick weekend getaway anytime soon? Then you'll love this fast-and-easy carryall that will easily hold all your essentials. With a minimum of fabric, you can whip one up before this weekend even arrives. 

The free, downloadble pattern is available on the Robert Kaufman website here. The designer, Anna Graham of Noodlehead, even provides some great tips to guide you along the process. Don't forget to check out her Flicker page here as well, to see some very clever bags made by others.








                                                                                                      (Photo:  Noodlehead)



Best of Show Paducah 2014 - TQS Zoom Quilt - ElaTed by Ted Storm
April 23, 2014
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You saw it here first and it just won Best of Show at AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2014---

To see complete list of winners, click here.

ElaTED (89" x 89") created by Ted Storm is a quilting tour-de-force.  Inspired by delftware designs and hand-quilted, Ted hid 8 different designs in the symmetircal setting.  Can you see them?  Click here to go to Ted's blog.

Hand applique, padded applique, embroidery, beading, padded trapunto, hand quilting. Materials: Cotton and some silks.

ElaTED won the Founders Award at IQA Houston 2012.




TQS Quilt of the Day
April 23, 2014
To see the latest Quilts or Add Yours, Click Here Quilt Gallery

(And the scrap basket is still full)
Quilt #: 1023022  Added on 04/07/2014
Owner: RobertainD
Made By: RobertainD
Year Made: 2014 - Certain
Located In: Munich, Germany
Description Statement:
Big thanks to Alex for the idea! Wish I could remember what date hers appeared in the blog. It was a great way to use up some scraps and also some orphan star blocks!

AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2014 - Two of Us - Best Machine Workmanship
April 22, 2014
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Another Winner from AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2014 - BERNINA of America - Best Home Machine Workmanship - Congratulations Sue and Pat.

The 2013 TQS Block of the Month designed by Sue Nickels and Pat Holly!  It's called "TWO OF US" and was created by the two of them.  Click the Picture and Use the Zoom to look Closer.


Here is the fun decoratively stitched binding.  This feature adds an amazing texture and had everyone smiling.  How did she pull this off???




Book Review + Contest: Modern Hand Stitching
April 22, 2014
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Posted in Breaking News  |   1 Comments  |   Submit a Comment


Would you like to take your stitchery to a new level but need bit of help? Let Ruth Chandler show you how to take dozens of traditional embroidery stitches and transform them into a whole new art form. 

Ruth's book, Modern Hand Stitching (Landauer), details the how-tos plus fabulous ideas for stretching your creativity with free-form alternatives. With clear, easy-to-follow directions and lots of images, this book is sure to inspire you to add a bit of stitchery to your next project.

You can achieve amazing variation simply by experimenting with stitch length, thread weight and fiber type in straight stitches (left), cross stitches (center), and knots (right).

Want your own copy of this book? Enter our contest. We'll announce the winner on April 29.



Check Out This Week's Great Deals!
April 22, 2014
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2138_bundle.png 2138_brights.png 2138_scraps.jpg 2138_omnigrid.jpg

Check out these great bargains in the TQS Shoppe this week:

  • Bundles of a dozen 1/4-yard cuts from past BOM kit fabrics for only $19.95.  Choose from either Neutrals or Brights. Fabrics will vary.
  • Scrap bag filled with twenty 1/8-yard cuts from past BOM kit fabrics for only $14.95.

  • Kim Diehl's favorite tool: the Omnigrid Fold-Away 12" x 18" Cutting Station/Ironing Mat--a deal at only $36.95!

Supplies are in limited, so get 'em while they last. Click here.



Series 1300 DVDs Available Now!
April 22, 2014
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Don't miss a single moment of the learning and laughter available to you in Series 13 of The Quilt Show. With over 10 hours of video, this boxed DVD set makes a great addition to any quilter's library. 

Have fun and improve your quilting skills with guidance and inspiration from today most-respected quilt artists, teachers, and authors, including:

  • Jean Wells
  • Mickey Depre
  • Grace Errea
  • Wendy Butler Berns/Sue Spargo
  • Mickey Lawler/Gwen Marston
  • Sheila Frampton Cooper/Angela Walters
  • Alex Anderson
  • Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
  • Susan Else
  • Rose Sheifer
  • Lyric Kinard
  • Amanda Murphy
  • Michael James



Moving on to Jinny Beyer's Memory Match: Level 6
April 22, 2014
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Posted in Puzzles  |   Submit a Comment



Here are 10 New Blocks to test your knowledge. It's a fast, fun, and easy way to learn the names of these wonderful blocks. You can even try it again and again to test your memory.  Click on the picture to play.


TQS Quilt of the Day
April 22, 2014
To see the latest Quilts or Add Yours, Click Here Quilt Gallery

Paint the Town
Quilt #: 1023027  Added on 04/08/2014
Owner: Laura Jaszkowski
Made By: Laura Jaszkowski
Year Made: 2013 - Certain
Located In: Eugene, OR United States
Description Statement:
I cut many little pieces of fabric and fused them to the background to give a look of broad paintbrush strokes.

Quilts for Boston - A Personal Story
April 21, 2014
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Posted in Website Features  |   1 Comments  |   Submit a Comment

The Boston Marathon is being run today.  Keep them in your thoughts!



One local Nurse Practitioner, Mary Orencole, who works at Massachusetts General Hospital wrote to share her reflections of the events at the 2013 Boston Marathon and how the international quilting community rallied together in response to support the Boston community.

Her colleagues were among the personnel who staff the medical tent at the Boston Marathon every year. When the bombings occurred during the 2013 Marathon the hospital had lost all connectivity with them that day and staff did not know for hours if they were alive or dead as the cell lines had all been cut off.

They waited in the next hours as the horror of the violent tragedy unfolded. Her colleagues who attended to the young victims that day said it was something that they never experienced or expected and which they will never forget. As events unfolded, officials initially thought that while trying to save lives, the medical personnel were also in possible harms way.

What became apparent was the traumatic effect such a tragedy had on these medical personnel and the need to recognize and attempt to comfort these first responders.

After learning that many first responders suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, many individuals wanted to show support for both the victims as well as the first responders.

At the same time, quilters internationally organized a display of support for the victims and the City of Boston by making quilted flags. The project, "To Boston with Love", was organized by Berene Campbell, from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and orchestrated locally by Amy Friend from During Quiet Time.com.

This project produced about 1700 small quilted flags in just a four-week period of time, and were displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Memorial Day last year. The MFA has retained ownership of these flags, and is currently exhibited them again during the month of April in honor of the 2013 Boston Marathon. (Click on the photo below for information on this year's exhibit.)

The second was the "Quilts for Boston" project an international collaborative effort led by the Boston Modern Quilt Guild (BMQG). The BMQG put out a call for quilters to submit blocks in the colors of the marathon - blue and yellow with some white and gray added. Quickly, quilters blogged, told their friends, posted on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr and rallied quilters to submit blocks.

Quilters sent in more than 2000 blocks from 46 US States and 5 Canadian provinces, representing over 70 modern and traditional quilt guilds from all over the world. The BMQG rallied and hosted a number of sew-ins to turn all of the blocks into quilts, with help from the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and many other quilters. Quilt stores, both local and online, as well as fabric, thread and batting manufacturers, donated fabric and supplies so that the quilts could be finished. When all was said and done, the guild expects to finish close to 80-100 quilts, a number of which were given to first responders like the Watertown Police Department and those injured.

6452_david_king_md1.jpgIn addition, the group worked with the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) and the psychological teams when approached about how the quilts might be displayed at the marathon this year. Decisions were carefully weighted to ensure that the Marathon was "as normal as possible" while finding a balance of showing love and support for all of those affected by the events of the 2013 marathon.

The decision has been made that these quilts will become part of the Boston Marathon every year and will line the medical tents as a token of love and support from an international group of quilters.

Mary writes, "Having personally delivered quilts to providers who were at the scene, many of who tried endlessly to save lives, there are no possible words for the emotions that surface. David King M.D., a trauma surgeon at MGH, ran the Marathon and had just finished the race when the bombs went off. He ran directly to the hospital and spent the night in the OR saving people's limbs and lives. You place the quilt in their arms and nothing else is needed as emotions surface all to easily. Quilts help heal for sure. It is an amazing effort and act of love."

(Photo: David King, M.D. receiving his quilt)

(Photo: l-r: Detective Donohue, Captain Rocca, Natalie, and Sergeant Hoiseth - Boston Modern Quilt Guild)


(Photo: Quilts for Boston Sew-In with Boston Modern Quilt Guild)

This year's marathon will be run on Monday, April 21.



Quilter's Quips and Tips: Distortion at the National Quilt Museum
April 21, 2014
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Posted in Quilters Quips/Tips  |   Submit a Comment

The National Quilt Museum is proud to present Distortion from the European Patchwork Meeting. This phenomenal exhibit is the result of an international contest featuring over forty quilt artists from around the world. The exhibit will run from April 4 - June 24, so if you are in Paducah for the show, make sure to stop by and visit the exhibit. This will be the only stop in the US! 

For more information, click here.
Click here for more information about the European Patchwork Meeting.



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