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HELPING HANDS! The Next TQS Quilt Challenge
January 10, 2009
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"Early in 2008 I learned about Carol Schillios and her amazing self-help program at the Hèrè jè Center in Mali. I purchased about 50 stunning hand-dyed fat quarters made by the amazing young women at the center. Now you can help support a great cause and participate in TQS's most incredible quilt challenge to date!" - Ricky Tims

Each year the TQS producer Angel Hawthorne, issues a challenge for Ricky and Alex for an episode of TQS. This year we want to involve you too and we want hundreds of entries! This very special challenge is called Helping Hands and will feature hand-dyed African fabrics from Mali. The fabrics are made by young African ladies who are enrolled in an amazing self-help program.

About the fabric
: Fat quarters are 100% cotton, hand-dyed and/or wax-stamped at the Hèrè jè Center in Mali, West Africa. The Center helps young women go from begging to businesswoman in 18 months. Along with fabric design, dyeing and weaving, the training curriculum includes health and nutrition, family planning, AIDS prevention and literacy skills. All profits from fabric sales goes directly to the center to help more young women get off the streets. For more information:
Click Here. where you can see additional photos and read the stories of each graduate. Watch a 7 minute documentary about Carol Schillios and the Hèrè jè Center on UTube. Click Here.

Please note: These hand-dyed fat quarters are $8.95 each, plus shipping. At least one solid (any color) and one print (any color) are required for the challenge. Fabrics ordered on Friday-Monday, January 9-12, 2008 will be shipped on or before January 13. Orders placed January 13-19 will not ship until January 20th as the fulfillment company will be closed for that week. You will be able to order anytime, but to get your fabrics right away - giving you the most time to work on your challenge - it would be smart to order them this weekend.

Get your fabrics here.

A selection of quilts from the entries will be featured ON the TQS 2009 Challenge Show!!

All the details and Challenge Rules are under Challenges. Click Here.

There are 2 ways to win: 1. Get your quilt on the show 2. Help change a Life.


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