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TQS Quilter's Choice Contest
October 18, 2010
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How would you like to win money for your original quilt creation?  With the holidays just around the corner, those winnings could go a long way towards the purchase of something on your wish list.  In honor of the season, we challenge you to come up with a quilted or wool project that expresses the glories of Fall. It’s the time of bountiful harvest, so let your imagination go wild. The contest, which is open to all TQS members (Basic/Star), runs from October 18-December 15, 2010.

As an added bit of inspiration--and to get you in the mood--we're sharing the pattern for this autumn table runner. With the help of the AccuQuilt Go! Rose of Sharon die set, each of the small pieces were cut in no time flat, and the Olfa 45mm Wave Blade made easy work of cutting the multicolored edging. With all the elements cut and ready to go, you can get to the fun part--the needlework! 

To download the pattern, visit our Projects page here. For more information about the TQS Quilter's Choice Contest, click here


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