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Newsletter September 2, 2014
zoom quilt


















Photo by Gregory Case Photography


Season Your Quilts with Japanese Flavor

We return to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, to meet Priscilla Knoble, a "lover of all things fiber-related" who grew up the daughter of missionaries in Japan. As a quilter familiar with the Japanese design aesthetic and fluent in the language, Priscilla emerged as the obvious, authorized choice to translate, publish, and distribute the books of renowned Japanese quilt artist Yoko Saito. In this episode Priscilla discusses:
  • The subtle but surprisingly complex Japanese taupe color palette
  • Yoko's favorite tools and techniques, including:
    • How to create and hand applique teeny, tiny bias stems
    • Designing an original House block
    • Stitching a fully-lined inside pocket.
See the Zoom Quilt
BOM full shotIt's Back to Quilting Time with the  September BOM Patterns!
Join us this month to work on the letter S and the TQS Star from our 2014 BOM quilt, designed by Janet Stone. (The patterns, valued at $90, are free for Star members!)
You can learn even more by watching the companion tutorial with BOM Specialist Julie Cefalu for great tips on piecing perfect blocks.

Create a Fast &  Easy Quilt Sleeve; Save Time and Hand Fatigue!
Did you know that you can make a sleeve for your quilt on your machine that requires almost no hand sewing?  Lee Heinrich shares this cool technique for "We All Sew." You may never again add on a quilt sleeve the same way!
Watch & Learn More From These Additional Inspiring Shows
If you love the attention to detail that Priscilla Knoble shared in Episode 1505,  don't miss the exceptional tips and teachings from these outstanding handwork artists.
Over 150 top teachers at your fingertips for 21¢ a show.
Learn the appliqué secret for making very sharp points
with Liuxin Newman (Episode 310).

Becky Goldsmith (Episode 611) shows you how to make perfect templates using clear adhesive laminate.
Nancy Brown (Episode 701) creates her pictorial appliqué elements of a quilt before adding them to the background.  Watch and learn!

See The Latest in Japanese Quilting



Priscilla Knoble visited the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival and sent back tons of great photos to share with TQS.  This is just a snippet of what you'll see over the next few weeks.

Star Members can learn more about Priscilla and her work with Yoko Saito in Episode 1505: East Meets West: Season Your Quilts with a Japanese Flavor.


Jinny's Memory Match
Challenge your knowledge of quilt blocks with Jinny's Memory Match Game.
Japanese Quilting Tool Kit
Enter the enchanting world of Japanese Quilting with tools to make your travels more enjoyable.

This fabulous kit, created by Priscilla Knoble, (Episode 1505) includes the main components that you need to begin a small project. The kit can also be used to make our upcoming Show Techniques block, that Priscilla designed just for us.
Please hurry if you want this kit. We only have 47. We did have 50, but Alex saw the kit when it arrived and bought the first one and 2 people got in the store the moment we put it up and bought them.
The block will be available on September 9.
Happy Quilting,
Alex AndersonRicky Tims
Weekend Fun 8/29/2014


Angela Walters Shares Her Feather Meander Tutorial


Angela Walters shows you a fun variation of a basic feather design. The feather meander is a fast and easy machine quilting design that just might be perfect for your next quilt.



Star Members can watch more with Angela in Episode 1306: No-Pin Curves and Quilting "Modern" in which she demonstrates how she gives traditional quilting designs a modern twist, and determines strategies for quilting the negative spaces.

On the Set with Priscilla Knoble: Episode 1505 - East Meets West: Season Your Quilts with a Japanese Flavor

Join Alex and Ricky on the set with Priscilla Knoble for Episode 1505 - East Meets West: Season Your Quilts with a Japanese Flavor. Meet Priscilla, a "lover of all things fiber-related" who grew up with missionary parents in Japan. As a quilter familiar with the Japanese design aesthetic and fluent in the language, Priscilla emerged as the obvious (authorized) choice to translate, publish, and distribute the books of renowned Japanese quilt artist Yoko Saito.
Priscilla demonstrates some of Yoko's favorite tools and techniques, including how to create and hand appliqué teeny tiny bias stems, design an original House block, and stitch a fully-lined inside pocket.
Not a Star Member?  It's only 21 cents per show!
2014 AQS QuiltWeek® – Grand Rapids - Winners
We'll give you a close-up view of this amazing quilt (and some of the other winners too!).
Learn, Learn, Learn and Create An Amazing Quilt with Ricky Tims' 3-Month Project

Ricky wants you to know that there's still time to join the The Lady of Shalott three-part Block of the Month.  The design evokes the Arthurian legend of the Knights of the Round Table. The poem, The Lady of Shalott, by Alfred Lord Tennyson, is the basis for the first in a series of Arthurian quilts.
The journey begins September 1, 2014 and runs for three months. The kits and patterns are available at the Ricky Tims Online Store. You will be guided by Ricky himself in three special teaching videos.
Who is the Quilters Hall of Fame Inductee for 2015?

Do you know who has been selected for the honor next year?  If you love applique, you'll be thrilled!  




If you are a fan of piecing, then you know all about this year's 45th Honoree for the Quilters Hall of Fame, the fabulous Ruth McDowell.  You can see an exhibit of her quilts on display at the Hall until September 27, 2014.


Click below to see a slideshow of Ruth's work.



Quilt Alliance Announces 2015 Quilt Contest

The Quilt Alliance has announced the theme for its 9th annual contest, and it invites all quilters, regardless of style or technique, to create a 16" x 16" quilt celebrating the chosen theme. Can you guess what it is?



TQS Puzzle: Houses - Block of the Month 1 - by Yoko Saito

The TQS puzzle is a Block of the Month featured in Yoko Saito's book, Houses, Houses, Houses!
Yoko says, "Two houses are in each month's design.  Working steadily, your town will be finished within a year." How long will it take YOU to finish?
Happy Quilting,


The Quilt Show 2014 BOM Quilt:

A-Z for Ewe and Me
by Janet Stone

The Quilt Show presents A to Z for Ewe and Me, the latest quilt in prizewinning quilter Janet Stone's 26-quilt alphabet series. Designed exclusively for members of TQS, the 69"x 82" quilt is a playful yet sophisticated sampler. Each letter in the alphabet has its own panel, where it's combined with a related pieced or appliquéd block. Make one for the child in your life, or make one for the child in you!

Meet Janet Stone


Pattern Forum 263_button_show_tell.gif

More Shows- More Time-More Classes- More Games- More... 

2044_screen_shot_20131029_at_122136_pm.pngChange is coming to TheQuiltShow.com.

We are going to have a new site in early 2014, but the changes are starting right away.

More Shows????  More Time???

2044_screen_shot_20131029_at_122108_pm.pngThat's right! Starting January 1, 2014, your Premium (Star) Membership will allow you full access to ALL THE SHOWS during your membership.

We have plans for lessons, techniques and more that tie in directly to your being able to see EVERY SHOW.


More Classes

Wonderful projects from Alex, Ricky (his Colorful Rhapsody class shown on right) and some of the best designers in quilting will be featured on the site with instructions and kits.

We will have short fun projects and full amazing quilts starting with the Block of the Month 2014 by awarding winning quilter-JANET STONE. 

2044_screen_shot_20131029_at_115602_am.pngMore Games

The puzzles are staying BUT we are adding a simple game for you to learn your quilt blocks.

Based on Jinny Beyer's "Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns" you will learn your block names and have fun at the same time.


2044_screen_shot_20131029_at_123312_pm.pngMore Quilts

TQS has always worked to bring you closer to the quilts you want to see.

From all of our member quilts in the Quilt Gallery and Quilt of the Day to prize winners from shows around the world, TQS has Zoomed in so you can see the stitches. This year we will bring you even closer. Stay Tuned!

Join/Renew Now 


TQS has classrooms on many subjects.  There is always something to learn.  For example,

Sharon Pederson - Quilt Tips I Wish I New When I Started - things she wishes she knew when she was a beginning quilter.





Libby Lehman - Name That Stitch - Libby shows you to use various regular and "fancy" stitches on your sewing machine to enhance your work.







Patsy Thomspon - Free Motion Quilting - Patsy teaches you the basics of free motion quilting.




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