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October 31, 2014
The Pack
Quilt #: 1023505  Added on 10/21/2014
Owner: Judy
Made By: Judy Leathers
Year Made: 2014 - Certain
Located In: Hoover, AL United States
Description Statement:
Inspired by a photo of my husband relaxing with the dogs.

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judylyon Presents:
Quilt #: 1023436   Added on 09/10/2014

In 2012 I designed a new Meadowlyon pantograph titled "Modern Skylines." I made this quilt to showcase that panto.

October 11, 2014
patriciaarndt Presents:
At Seventeen,
Quilt #: 1023454   Added on 09/16/2014

Done for a Guild Challenge, was a magazine cover that we were to be inspired by. Mine took me back to teens where I was more about the surface, not the depth of life.

October 10, 2014
JaneAnne Presents:
Timothy's College Graduation Quilt
Quilt #: 1020844   Added on 03/20/2012

The quilt is made to honor our son Timothy's graduation from college. He is in a college in the South, so I chose shoo fly to represent Georgia. The warm guy colors are for a young man who has never worn pink. He told me once he has seen enough pink in his life with two sisters.

October 09, 2014
Sewdreamy Presents:
Canterbury Silk
Quilt #: 1023467   Added on 09/30/2014

Representation of illuminated manuscript of Chaucer’s Prologue to The Canterbury Tales. Border inspired by 12th century illuminated manuscript.

October 08, 2014
KarlynBue Presents:
"It All Comes Around"
Quilt #: 1023472   Added on 10/03/2014

I kept my hands and heart busy (tears of happiness, loneliness, and worry) as I watched my 17-year old granddaughter apply for, interview for, and accept a full ride scholarship to study abroad. We, as a family , went through many emotions and I finished this quilt the day she was greeted by her host family in Germany.

October 07, 2014
torch3 Presents:
Over The Edge
Quilt #: 1023476   Added on 10/04/2014

I started working on this quilt in 2012 at a quilting retreat @ Quiltworx in Kalispell, Montana. The quilting was finished 2014 by Vicki Ibison (Kalispell, Montana). It is a Judy Niemeyer paper pieced pattern using fabrics from my fabric collection.

October 06, 2014
dreamquilter Presents:
"50 Years"
Quilt #: 1023435   Added on 09/09/2014

Made in celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. I stitched our years (1964 - 2014) in one lower corner, our initials in the other.

October 05, 2014
judylyon Presents:
Jungle Tiger
Quilt #: 1023444   Added on 09/10/2014

My son loves orange, hence a tiger for graduation. From Southeast Asia it’s appropriately Batik with jungle animals and plants stitched throughout!
Original quilt and “Jungle,” stitching pattern designed by Judy Lyon, MeadowLyon Designs,

October 04, 2014
Randam Presents:
Afternoon in Pardise
Quilt #: 1023456   Added on 09/16/2014

I began this photo quilt in a workshop with Lenore Crawford (Art Quilt Tahoe 2012). It is based on a photo I took during an afternoon visit to Paradise Meadow at Mount Rainier National Park. Recreating the scene with its late afternoon sunlight and flowing stream was a new challenge for me, but I like how it came out.

October 03, 2014
Annemiro Presents:
Daisy Days In Summer
Quilt #: 1023458   Added on 09/17/2014

This was created for the "farm to fabric" challenge. It is done completely out of all 50 colors of American Brand Made fabric. Fabrics were discharged, painted, over dyed, painted, sheer and net overlayed and thread painted to achieve the effects I wanted.

October 02, 2014
prcfiberarts Presents:
Song Byrds
Quilt #: 1023462   Added on 09/22/2014

Portraying the feel and fun of the 60's and 70's music in color and form was the intent of this piece. Tambourine Man was a favorite song that still makes me smile when I hear it.

October 01, 2014
marymarybethbeth Presents:
Tree and Lake, Autumn
Quilt #: 1018763   Added on 03/04/2011

I made this in a masterclass led by Noriko Endo in Val d'Argent, France, using her "confetti" method.

September 30, 2014
jorfini Presents:
Autumn In The Hamptons
Quilt #: 1017457   Added on 08/13/2010

Love doing Landscape quilts. It's like painting with fabric.

September 29, 2014
idzncolumbine Presents:
Autumn Eyes
Quilt #: 1015161   Added on 09/09/2009

September 28, 2014
InwoodNYC Presents:
Fishing For Compliments
Quilt #: 1014087   Added on 05/01/2009

September 27, 2014
LynnM Presents:
Fantasy Fish
Quilt #: 1006337   Added on 07/18/2007

This quilt is really a spin off of an earlier collage style fish quilt, although this one started with my sketches of imaginary fish and other sea life.

September 26, 2014
Zarah Presents:
The Road
Quilt #: 1016156   Added on 01/22/2010

the quilt is number two in a series of four

September 25, 2014
sherrie58 Presents:
When Mom's Away...Its a bad dog day!
Quilt #: 1019914   Added on 10/08/2011

Created this for an underwear quilt challenge at Quilter's Combo in Madison, AL in 2010. This is a tribute to our family dogs over the last 27 years. They could stir up mischief and also warm our hearts! Dog applique pattern is from Java House quilts,"Ruff Around the Edges" The Cat applique is from,Mad dog Marketing, Honey...Wheres the cat?. Design is an adapted original.

September 24, 2014
quiltrascal Presents:
Pirate's Vortex
Quilt #: 1019919   Added on 10/09/2011

For a great nephue who likes pirates. Raw edge applique. If I had not run out of time I would have put an embroidered skull in the center. Fleece backing with skulls. Vortex instructions on my blog, quiltrascal.blogspot.com

September 23, 2014
Keith Presents:
Curvilinear Energy
Quilt #: 1019935   Added on 10/09/2011

I've been working on a series of predominately one-color quilts and I've been using my quilting sketches for appliqué inspiration. This is my yellow quilt and an attempt at appliquéing feathers. The center flower and first octagon were inspired by one of my grandfather's wood carvings.

September 22, 2014
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Displaying 21 to 40 (of 1577) Visible QuiltsPages: [< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  [Next >] 
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