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TQS Quilt of the Day

October 24, 2014
Wonky Block
Quilt #: 1020895  Added on 04/03/2012
Owner: Dean Robinson
Made By: Dean Robinson
Year Made: 2011 - Certain
Located In: St. Petersburg, FL United States
Description Statement:
This quilt is a play on a traditional pattern Also it is a play on complementary colors. This quilt is stretched over canvas stretcher bars and is 3" deep.

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JACross Presents:
Aunt Joe's Afghan
Quilt #: 1023399   Added on 08/16/2014

I drafted this granny square pattern to look like an afghan crocheted by my great aunt. There are 71 pieces per 6 1/2" block, and it is made from scraps.

August 24, 2014
snowdogquiltworks Presents:
Batik Exploding Star
Quilt #: 1023400   Added on 08/16/2014

This quilt is a beautiful variation of an Exploding Star and is absolutely gorgeous and exploding with all of the various colors of Batiks!

August 23, 2014
jpotteraz Presents:
White Buffalo Calf Woman Rhapsody
Quilt #: 1015616   Added on 11/10/2009

Inspired by the White Buffalo Calf Woman legend of the Lakota Sioux. Fabrics used are Cherrywood for the solid colors and Ricky's multi-colored hand dyes. Quilted on a Bernina domestic sewing machine. The face is hand painted with fabric inks and the buffalo is painted and then embellished with thread.

August 22, 2014
Brambleberry Presents:
Kendra, Magical Waterbaby
Quilt #: 1023386   Added on 08/08/2014

August 21, 2014
sewbearnuts Presents:
Quilt #: 1013561   Added on 03/15/2009

My fisrt attempt at Beth's techniques after seeing her on TQS and getting her book. Was fun and I was happy with the results. Will make a bigger "scaled" one next try!

August 20, 2014
CASinnreich Presents:
Quilt #: 1015220   Added on 09/16/2009

The reoccurring global fires inspired this work. The challenge was to translate with fabric the power, the heat, and total devastation of a forest fire. Frantic animals flee the fiery forces. Deer and other animals are known to seek refuge in a lake or river.

August 19, 2014
stephen393 Presents:
Orca Bay
Quilt #: 1023340   Added on 07/28/2014

A 2011 Holiday Mystery from quiltville.blogspot.com, in my own choice of colours.

August 18, 2014
Angel9 Presents:
Picasso's Castle
Quilt #: 1023354   Added on 08/02/2014

Created from a photograph taken by my son Loren while he was in France. The photograph showed a misty day with fall colors. I hand painted all of the background fabric separately and then sewed it together using a raw edge technique to keep the edges soft. I then drew and painted the castle and stitched it into place. The border is a commercially purchased fabric. It is quilted on my domestic sewing machine.

August 17, 2014
Ron114 Presents:
It Waits for Dawn
Quilt #: 1023379   Added on 08/05/2014

My 2009 TQS BOM - made entirely from Ricky's hand-dyed fabrics. This quilt was displayed at Quilt Expo (Madison, WI) in 2010 or 2011, and at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland in 2013.

August 16, 2014
KathrynHarmerFox Presents:
A Bowlful of Birds
Quilt #: 1023381   Added on 08/06/2014

Made specifically for an exhibition in the cellar of a wine farm - all the works had to be round in order to be displayed on the wine barrels.

August 15, 2014
annlp Presents:
Kayenta Formation
Quilt #: 1023383   Added on 08/06/2014

The Kayenta Formation is a sandstone formation in northern Arizona and southern Utah and Colorado characterized by narrow strips of darker color. This was my Hoffman Challenge entry for 2014 and won the Best Machine Workmanship,Pieced award.

August 14, 2014
Redhead51 Presents:
Moroccan Moonfire
Quilt #: 1023384   Added on 08/06/2014

The design elements are all freehand drawn and painted then embellished with gel pen designs and beaded. Originally inspired by Moroccan Tiles but I went astray!
My goal was to make the elements appear to be floating.

August 13, 2014
tamtam Presents:
Quilt #: 1023294   Added on 07/11/2014

An oldie, but goodie! I purchased this kit back when Moonglow was first published more than 10 years ago. I saw a lady at quilt guild show this quilt and she reported that it was the most difficult quilt she has ever made. I promptly put my kit on the shelf thinking that one day it wouldn't be so difficult. This was the year I figured I was finally skilled enough to take it on. I have made many difficult quilts, but I must say that I agree, this is the most difficult quilt I have ever made! So many 'Y' seams... But I have to say, it is well worth the effort! This was made for my son for his college graduation gift.

August 12, 2014
Threadmizer Presents:
Poppies Two
Quilt #: 1023323   Added on 07/21/2014

This quilt was a result of a design workshop taught by Jane Sassaman. I found this workshop quite a challenge but learned so much about design and color.

August 10, 2014
elainann Presents:
Celtic Ravens
Quilt #: 1023317   Added on 07/19/2014

Adaptation of a poster. Satin birds, rick rack, couching gold/red threads, leather feet. Entry at the, "Thread Bear Quilt shop," North Vancouver. Won first place, (Bernina sewing machine,) Yipee.

August 09, 2014
Lorna1021 Presents:
Vases and Flowers
Quilt #: 1023328   Added on 07/23/2014

Inspired by early 1900 Roseville pottery from Pennsylvania. This was my first attempt at needle turn applique and I loved it, but what should have taken 13 months stretched into a 12 year project!

August 08, 2014
SewnWildOaks Presents:
Emilie Elizabeth
Quilt #: 1023330   Added on 07/25/2014

My grandmother Emilie Elizabeth Ross introduced me to quilting when I was about 10 years old. This is my tribute to my grandmother who started my passion for quilting.

August 07, 2014
hatshepsut Presents:
Elephant Walk
Quilt #: 1023333   Added on 07/27/2014

I wanted a motif to be the focus of a colourful embroidered quilt - hence elephants. I learned a lot doing this quilt - mostly how to it better next time.

August 06, 2014
Angel9 Presents:
Lake Louise
Quilt #: 1023347   Added on 07/30/2014

A photograph taken while visiting Brussels inspired this quilt. It is a combination of hand painted and commercial fabrics, all 100% cotton. The little houses were constructed separately and machine appliqued. I used fabric markers and oil pastel sticks for the accents. The reflections in the lake are smudged oil pastel sticks. Quilting was done on my domestic machine.

August 05, 2014
JBecker3 Presents:
Inspired by Melanie's Passion for Italy
Quilt #: 1023348   Added on 08/01/2014

In memory of my dear friend, Melanie Duyungan. My design features raw-edge applique, extensive thread-work as well as hand-painted elements using Tsukineko inks and wax pastels. I enjoyed creating the walls, exposing bricks.

August 04, 2014
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Displaying 61 to 80 (of 1572) Visible QuiltsPages: [< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  [Next >] 
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