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Show 1504: Make it Special with Machine Embroidery
Featuring: Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero/Connie Fanders
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Episode 1504

Photo by Gregory Case
  Make it Special with Machine Embroidery
  Alex and Ricky welcome artist and author Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero (Episode 507) back to the TQS studio for a look at some of her newest work, which marries machine embroidery with her trademark Kaleidoscope designs. Jeanie, a former software engineer for Hewlett-Packard, explains how to select an image, print it on fabric, transform it into a unique design using her Kaleidoscope Kreator program, and then enhance it with machine embroidery. In addition, Connie Fanders, Director of Education for BERNINA USA, shows a quick-and-easy way to make a rag quilt (and more) using your serger.

Video Length: 00:48:57

Show Information
From Chapter One:

Connie Fanders Director of Education for BERNINA of America teaches a quick and easy way to make a fun and easy utility quilt (and more) on a serger.

From Chapter Two:

Jeanie Sumrall - Ajero shares her work and latest discovery marrying machine embroidery and kaleidoscope designs.

Sarah Vedler

To order Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 - Click Here

From Chapter Three:

Jeannie teaches how to create and transform a simple design into spectacular kaleidoscope design on fabric.

Paula Nadelstern

From Chapter Four:

Jeannie takes her fabric creations up a notch with machine embroidery.

To order Jeannie´s embroidery designs - Click Here


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Series Fifteen Show List
Episode 1501 – Discover Sensational Surface Design (Jane Dunnewold)
Posts on July 07, 2014
Episode 1501We launch Series 1500 with a visit to the Texas studio of artist, instructor, and author Jane Dunnewold, well known for the one-of-a-kind fabrics she creates with printing, dyeing, resist, and other manipulations. In this episode, Jane discusses the meaning of surface design, and shows how she transfers a black-and-white copyright-free image to prepared for dye (PFD) silk, which she then embellishes with watercolor pencils and needle felting. You'll love our tour of her wet/dry studios, a delightful blend of old and new. Finally, Jane, who uses a hula hoop as a preventative for back problems, coaxes Alex and Ricky to give this childhood classic a try it. An informative - and fun - start to a new season!

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Episode 1502 – Small Pieces, Big Impact (Mary Elizabeth Kinch/Terry Grant)
Posts on July 21, 2014
Episode 1502Canadian quiltmaker, teacher, and author Mary Elizabeth Kinch drops by the studio to share her love for antique quilts and how she recreates them full-size with tiny pieces and reproduction fabrics. Mary Elizabeth, founder of the SPA (Small Piece Aficionado) Society, demonstrates how to tame those tiny pieces from template stage to finished block, incorporating lots of fabric and hand-piecing tips along the way. Then Alex travels to Washington County, Oregon, for a chat with textile artist Terry Grant, in which we get a glimpse at Terry's latest art quilts . . . featuring "upcycled" men's shirts!

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Episode 1503 – Quilting without Limits: Using Unconventional Fabrics in Your Work (Jerry Granata)
Posts on August 04, 2014
Episode 1503While in high school, award-winning quilt artist Jerry Granata made costumes for the National Marionette Company - an experience that taught him that no fabric is off limits, even for quilting. The trick is in knowing how to tame it, and in this show, Jerry reveals the huge variety of unusual fabrics available to quilters (think leather, lamé, fake fur, upholstery), where to find them, which to use when, how to prepare them, work with them, and even quilt them. We wrap with a tour of our day's location, The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, where Jerry - for 21 years a professional musician with the United States Navy - provides the soundtrack on his RED saxophone.

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Episode 1504 – Make it Special with Machine Embroidery (Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero/Connie Fanders)
Posts on August 18, 2014
Episode 1504Alex and Ricky welcome artist and author Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero (Episode 507) back to the TQS studio for a look at some of her newest work, which marries machine embroidery with her trademark Kaleidoscope designs. Jeanie, a former software engineer for Hewlett-Packard, explains how to select an image, print it on fabric, transform it into a unique design using her Kaleidoscope Kreator program, and then enhance it with machine embroidery. In addition, Connie Fanders, Director of Education for BERNINA USA, shows a quick-and-easy way to make a rag quilt (and more) using your serger.

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Episode 1505 – East Meets West: Season Your Quilts with a Japanese Flavor (Priscilla Knoble)
Posts on September 01, 2014
Episode 1505We return to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, to meet Priscilla Knoble, a "lover of all things fiber-related" who grew up the daughter of missionaries in Japan. As a quilter familiar with the Japanese design aesthetic and fluent in the language, Priscilla emerged as the obvious (authorized) choice to translate, publish, and distribute the books of renowned Japanese quilt artist Yoko Saito. Priscilla discusses the subtle, but surprisingly complex Japanese taupe color palate, shares images from the Tokyo International Quilt Show, and then demonstrates some of Yoko's favorite tools and techniques, including how to create and hand appliqué teeny tiny bias stems, design an original House block, and stitch a fully-lined inside pocket.
Episode 1506 – Two Amazing Women and the Power of Quilting (Lisa Sipes/Nola Emerie)
Posts on September 15, 2014
Episode 1506Prepare to be inspired! In 2008, during a dark period in her life, artist Lisa Sipes was encouraged by her mom to give quilting a try - and a passionate new quilter was born. Now a well-regarded professional longarm artist who loves detailed work, Lisa shares fun ways to add visual and textural interest to a wholecloth quilt with a variety of stitches and colored threads. She also shows how she creates her signature "triple stitch" and alternative ways to finish the edges of your quilt. We end by visiting with the amazing and inspirational Nola Emerie, who - after suffering a massive stroke at age 52 that paralyzed the right side of her body - decided to take up quilting. You won't want to miss this.
Episode 1507 – 21st-Century Paper Piecing: Explore Hexies with a "Hexpert" (Cheryl L. See/Pat Sloan)
Posts on September 29, 2014
Episode 1507We discovered the work of award-winning "hexpert" Cheryl See while taping our 2012 Legend Show (Episode 1113) with Meredith Schroeder at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. Fasten your seatbelt! Cheryl launches English paper piecing into the 21st century, and you'll be amazed by her quilts: each incorporates a little "secret" or two that draws you in for a closer look. In this episode, taped at the Drury Plaza Hotel in San Antonio, TX, Cheryl shares loads of tips for making precise and perfect hexies and diamonds, and then shows a number of clever and versatile 3-D projects for trying her techniques without committing to a huge project. Finally, we corral radio personality Pat Sloan at Quilt Market in Houston, where she shares some of her quilts and demos how to do an appliqué running stitch by hand.
Episode 1508 – Working with Intention: Expand Your Skills with Prayer Flags (Valerie C. White/Elizabeth Hartman)
Posts on October 13, 2014
Episode 1508Explore new techniques - and have lots of fun! - as mixed-media textile artist Valerie C. White reveals the pleasures and rewards of creating prayer flags from leftover fabric scraps. Valerie, one of 44 artists invited by the Historical Society Museum in Washington, DC, to create a quilt celebrating the 2008 election of Barack Obama, shows how she produces her thoughtfully constructed little (5" x 11") artworks, and shares ideas for enhancing them with hand and machine stitching, paint sticks, watercolor pencils, and markers. Then we switch gears for a field visit with busy Oregon quilter Elizabeth Hartman. Elizabeth - known for her clean modern style, use of bright color, and masterful handling of negative space, demos her favorite technique for making pieced letters.
Episode 1509 – Seeing Red: Ramp Up Your Redwork! (Rosemary Deleon-McCrady)
Posts on October 27, 2014
Episode 1509Texas quiltmaker, embroiderer, businesswoman, and teacher Rosie Deleon-McCrady began collecting redwork while on road trips with her mother-in-law, an avid quilter and appraiser. In this episode, Rosie discusses the history of redwork, and shares examples of pieces that she has both collected and designed. Next, she covers the tools you'll need, demonstrates the three basic redwork stitches, and reveals how to update your work by introducing "the unexpected" in color and fabric. We also tour the famous San Antonio River Walk and the historic Drury Plaza Hotel, the latter with its stunning Art Deco architecture and stained glass details. Tons of inspiration here!
Episode 1510 – Screen-Printing Serendipity (Leslie T. Jenison)
Posts on November 10, 2014
Episode 1510While "on the road" near Mica, Texas, we caught up with artist, author, and educator Leslie T. Jenison, who shares her playful, "serendipitous" screen-printing techniques for transforming natural-fiber fabrics and paper with unusual materials such as plastic Fiesta flags, product packaging, common household items, and hardware-store finds. She also describes her experience as co-curator of the juried Dinner at Eight exhibits and companion catalogs with California artist Jamie Fingal.
Episode 1511 – 1511 (TBA)
Posts on November 24, 2014
Episode 1511
Episode 1512 – 1512 (TBA)
Posts on December 08, 2014
Episode 1512
Episode 1513 – 1513 (2014 TQS Legend Show)
Posts on December 22, 2014

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Episode 802 – Tips and Tricks for Triangles and Strips (Edyta Sitar)
Posts on January 17, 2011
We honor the Traditional Quilter. We pick teachers that share the tips, techniques and tools that you need in your tool belt to create amazing quilts.

In this technique-packed episode, pattern and fabric designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts amazes Alex and Ricky with an easy method for producing dozens of accurate half-square triangle units in minutes with just two pieces of fabric and her Triangle Exchange Paper. The "exchange" of ideas continues as Edyta shows how to enliven your quilts with diamonds, rectangles, and other shapes made from strips and using her clever "Strip Exchange" technique. Also not to be missed: Alex demonstrates how to design and draw a custom double-feathered wreath for quilting.

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Episode 906 – From Music to Masterpiece: A New Perspective on Design (Katie Pasquini Masopust)
Posts on September 12, 2011
The art of quilting knows no bounds. Art quilters bring innovation, freedom and creativity to keep quilting on its toes. You will find the techniques shown here apply to all traditions of quilting. Quality work is always in style.

For this show, TQS returns to the beautiful Monument, CO, home of Hugh and Dee Dee Eaton with none other than the renowned art quilter, author, and teacher, Katie Pasquini Masopust. After touching on the high points of her quilting journey, and sharing some of her amazing work, she puts Alex to work on a design exercise that begins with a "no-peeking" sketch drawn to the accompaniment of classical music. (You definitely will want to try this at home!) Katie then shows how to work with the results to create an original quilt design. In addition, Ricky demonstrates the "Flip and Sew" technique on a variation of the Drunkard's Path/Fan block. (You can try this one at home, too: We'll have a pdf of the 8" block available on the TQS website.)

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Episode 913 – TQS Quilting Legend 2011 (Eleanor Burns)
Posts on December 19, 2011
Episode 913In our 900 series finale, beloved quilter, teacher, author/publisher (of over 100 books!), longtime PBS television personality, and 2011 TQS Quilting Legend, the irrepressible Quilt-in-a-Day Lady, Eleanor Burns opens her wonderful log home and spacious studio to Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang. After Eleanor shares her quilting history and a generous sampling of quilts, we peek in on students at work on a quick-and-easy quilt using Eleanor's Fabric Frenzy pattern. Along the way, Eleanor demonstrates her technique for sewing partial seams, and takes Alex and Ricky on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint town of Julian, CA, where they sample a slice of the famous local apple pie. All in all, a "delicious" experience you won't want to miss!

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Episode 1202 – Make it Modern! (Jacquie Gering)
Posts on January 14, 2013
The modern quilters are taking a fun view of the art. Their styles are graphic, wonky, and clean. Not sure what modern means? Take a look.

Field Piece: Alma de la Melena Cox

Although she has only been quilting since 2008, teacher, author, (lifetime sewer) and Modern Quilter Jacquie Gering has already made quite a splash in the quilting world. Jacquie enjoys giving traditional blocks a fresh spin, and shares her technique for modernizing the classic Log Cabin block by altering the shape and size of the pieces and through adventurous fabric choices. She also demonstrates how to add lush texture to your quilts with straight-line quilting and the serpentine stitch. We catch up with Alma de la Melena Cox, an artist who uses paint and fabric to create "quilts on wood", while she was teaching at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, OR.

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