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Show 713: TQS Quilting Legend 2010
Featuring: Yvonne Porcella
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Episode 713

Photo by Gregory Case
  TQS Quilting Legend 2010
  Alex and Ricky head to the home and studio of art quilter, teacher, author, Silver Star Award winner, founder of the renowned Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA), and 2010 TQS Quilting Legend, YVONNE PORCELLA. Yvonne shares her quilting history, and gives an "up-close and personal" look at some of her amazing and artful quilts and wearables. Then she puts on her "teacher" hat to show how she creates one of her Fantasy Faces and to demonstrate techniques for "taming" various types of silk fabrics. It's a show packed with inspiration, instruction, and heart...a fitting "grand finale" for the 700 series.

Video Length: 01:05:11

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Series Seven Show List
Episode 701 – Animal Magnetism (Nancy Brown)
Posts on July 05, 2010
Episode 701Join Alex and Ricky as they meet quilt artist Nancy S. Brown on location in the Oak Barrel room at Northern California's Wente Winery. Nancy, best known for her amazing, award-winning, hand-appliqued animal portraits, explains how childhood outings to the zoo inspired her choice of subject matter, and reveals a surprising secret about her wedding dress. She also shares the thought process that goes into each design, the various techniques she employs to translate the design to fabric, and some of her favorite hand-applique tips... and wait 'til you see the gifts exchanged between guest and hosts!

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Episode 702 – Quilting in the Digital Age (Lura Schwarz Smith / Kerby Smith)
Posts on July 19, 2010
Episode 702The lovely Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, CA, provides an inspirational backdrop for this info-packed episode, which features the talented creative duo of textile artist Lura Schwarz Smith and her husband, Kerby C. Smith. First Kerby, a professional photographer, demonstrates how to adjust a photo image with the aid of a computer program to produce a crisp, clear, true-in-color image on fabric. Next, Lura shows how to enhance digitally printed fabric images with a variety of media, including water-soluble oil pastels, pencils, and inks. Finally, Ricky puts the "bow on the package" by performing an American Folk Medley for the nursery customers―and for us!―on an antique piano owned by the original owner of Alden Lane.

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Episode 703 – Tools of the Trade (Rachel Clark / Renae Haddadin)
Posts on August 02, 2010
Episode 703There's a ton to learn in this show! For starters, with the help of quilter and product designer Renae Haddadin (via WebTV), Alex and Ricky play with the Mariner's Compass and other circular designs using Renae's Amazing Ray tool. Next, we catch up with folk artist, teacher, and lecturer Rachel D.K. Clark, who is especially well known for her quirky and colorful wearable art. After giving us a taste of her work, Rachel demonstrates a variety of her favorite piecing techniques, all of which can be used in garments or quilts. Keep a pencil and notepad handy!

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Episode 704 – Circles, Curves, and Chocolate (Dale Fleming)
Posts on August 16, 2010
Episode 704You'll be going around in circles-the good kind!-when quilt artist, teacher, and author Dale Fleming reveals how she came to design her famous "6-Minute Circle." In addition, she shares her nifty technique for soft-curve piecing, offers some "gotta-try-‘em" tips for designing quilts that incorporate large-scale prints, and shows a variety of fabulous quilts to whet your creative appetite. Not only will you be informed and inspired, but you're sure to be motivated by Dale's "just do it" approach!

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Episode 705 – Tips, Techniques... and a Special Tribute (Frieda Anderson)
Posts on August 30, 2010
Episode 705If you love to collect tips-and to fuse-you'll love this show! First, Jennifer Keltner, editor of American Patchwork and Quilting, shares "Tricks in Your Toolbox: Top 10 Quilt Tips"-a sampling of great ideas for making your quilting experience even more enjoyable, accurate, and efficient. Next, quilt artist and teacher Frieda Anderson joins us for a show and tell of her fabulously fused quilts and to demonstrate how she builds a fusible applique design and how to make a decorative-edged fused binding. Finally, in a moving field piece, TQS visits New York City to view The National Tribute Quilt, conceived and orchestrated by the Steel Quilters of United States Steel Corporation in response to the events of September 11, 2001. Keep the Kleenex handy.

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Episode 706 – Quilting Through Fresh Eyes (Camille Roskelley / Susan Woods)
Posts on September 13, 2010
Episode 706Wondering what's hot on the quilting scene these days? You've come to the right place! In this episode, designer Camille Roskelley, a fifth-generation quilter and author of the new book, Simplify with Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home, demos three fast, fun, and fresh directions for spicing up your work using monograms, blanket stitch, and rickrack. Then Ricky chats with Susanne Woods, the acquisitions editor from C&T Publishing, about what to watch for in the sewing and crafting book market in the coming months. All this and more! from our on-location studio at beautiful Alden Lane Nursery.

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Episode 707 – Stellar Star Circles (Judy Mathieson)
Posts on September 27, 2010
Episode 707Where do we begin? Award-winning quilt artist? Best-selling author? World-traveled teacher? NQA-certified judge? Quilting icon Judy Mathieson does it all... and in this episode, she demos some of the techniques that she is famous for, including her precision paper-piecing method - no paper to remove! - and how she builds her characteristic star circles, segment by segment. If that's not enough, Judy also offers valuable pointers on what judges look for in a quilt when judging a quilt show. This not-to-be-missed episode was shot on location at the beautiful Wente Winery in Northern California, and also features a brief winery tour, a lovely redwork pattern featuring grapes, vines, and leaves, and Ricky singing opera... in a cave!

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Episode 708 – Surface Delights (Terrie Hancock Mangat / Gayle Hillert)
Posts on October 11, 2010
Episode 708In this "dazzling" show, Alex and Ricky chat with textile artist, embellishment pioneer, and repeat Quilt National exhibitor Terrie Hancock- Mangat about the evolution of her art, and enjoy a show and tell of her unique, inventively embellished quilts. Then Terrie teaches Alex (and us!) her reverse- applique technique, including how she uses floss as an accent. In the spirit of the embellishment "thread," Bernina educator Gayle Hillert returns to share more ideas for using the decorative stitches on the sewing machine to embellish children's clothing.

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Episode 709 – Quilting with Personality (Marcia Stein)
Posts on October 25, 2010
Episode 709Learn to "plant your fabric stash with interest" as Alex and Ricky use colorful window boxes to demonstrate the concept of visual texture, and how mixing the patterns and print scale in the fabrics you choose can add interest and personality to your quilts. Then, TQS welcomes quilt artist Marcia Stein, who talks about developing a personal style, and demonstrates how she builds a quilt based on a photograph. Lots of juicy details here, including "the skinny" on needles, thread weight and color, stitch length, and Marcia's virtually invisible, super-tiny zigzag, machine-applique technique.

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Episode 710 – Conquering the Y-seam Tumble (Laura Nownes)
Posts on November 08, 2010
Episode 710Beloved quilt teacher, author, and designer Laura Nownes comes to Alex's hometown, to show a selection of her charming quilts AND to share her simple, two-pin technique for stitching a Y-seam, a must for constructing the Tumbling Blocks block. Laura also talks about her long-time collaboration with quilter and friend, Diana McClun, including the story behind their best-selling, quilt-library staple, Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! As an added bonus, Alex and Ricky draw upon the Alden Lane Nursery location to inspire you with tips on color and composition for quilts. Don't miss it!

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Episode 711 – Quilting: Where Imagination and Reality Meet (Rosalie Dace / Jennifer Chiaverini / Michael Cummings)
Posts on November 22, 2010
Episode 711You'll no doubt want to be "front and center" as quilt artist Rosalie Dace brings us a touch of her native South Africa through her quilts and photos, shares the secrets of how she creates focal points in her work, and demonstrates how to stitch "super-skinny" straight and curved lines on a quilt surface using a 1/4" foot. In another segment, we chat with best-selling author Jennifer Chiaverini about her Elm Creek novels to discover how she weaves her quilting knowledge into her novels and how the novels have led to a series of quilting books. In addition, Alex uses the House block from her Welcome Home quilt to demo the flip-and-sew piecing method, and we go on location to visit artist and quilter Michael Cummings to see how he constructs his folk-art-style narrative quilts in the dining room of his 1860s "shotgun" home in New York City.

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Episode 712 – The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (Ami Simms)
Posts on December 06, 2010
Episode 712You won't want to miss this very special episode when quiltmaker Ami Simms visits The Quilt Show to share the touching story behind how she came to found the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and how you can join the battle against this life-altering disease by making and donating a 9" x 12" Priority Quilt. In addition, Ami demonstrates a quick-and-easy technique for making Fast-Finish Triangles, the perfect vehicle for hanging a little quilt, and how to "build" the Puppus Doggus pattern (which will be available as a pdf on the TQS website). Even the audience is part of the program, showing and sharing the stories behind the Priority Quilts they've brought to the set. Watch, learn, create...and make a difference!

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Episode 713 – TQS Quilting Legend 2010 (Yvonne Porcella)
Posts on December 20, 2010
Episode 713Alex and Ricky head to the home and studio of art quilter, teacher, author, Silver Star Award winner, founder of the renowned Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA), and 2010 TQS Quilting Legend, YVONNE PORCELLA. Yvonne shares her quilting history, and gives an "up-close and personal" look at some of her amazing and artful quilts and wearables. Then she puts on her "teacher" hat to show how she creates one of her Fantasy Faces and to demonstrate techniques for "taming" various types of silk fabrics. It's a show packed with inspiration, instruction, and heart...a fitting "grand finale" for the 700 series.

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Episode 802 – Tips and Tricks for Triangles and Strips (Edyta Sitar)
Posts on January 17, 2011
We honor the Traditional Quilter. We pick teachers that share the tips, techniques and tools that you need in your tool belt to create amazing quilts.

In this technique-packed episode, pattern and fabric designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts amazes Alex and Ricky with an easy method for producing dozens of accurate half-square triangle units in minutes with just two pieces of fabric and her Triangle Exchange Paper. The "exchange" of ideas continues as Edyta shows how to enliven your quilts with diamonds, rectangles, and other shapes made from strips and using her clever "Strip Exchange" technique. Also not to be missed: Alex demonstrates how to design and draw a custom double-feathered wreath for quilting.

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Episode 906 – From Music to Masterpiece: A New Perspective on Design (Katie Pasquini Masopust)
Posts on September 12, 2011
The art of quilting knows no bounds. Art quilters bring innovation, freedom and creativity to keep quilting on its toes. You will find the techniques shown here apply to all traditions of quilting. Quality work is always in style.

For this show, TQS returns to the beautiful Monument, CO, home of Hugh and Dee Dee Eaton with none other than the renowned art quilter, author, and teacher, Katie Pasquini Masopust. After touching on the high points of her quilting journey, and sharing some of her amazing work, she puts Alex to work on a design exercise that begins with a "no-peeking" sketch drawn to the accompaniment of classical music. (You definitely will want to try this at home!) Katie then shows how to work with the results to create an original quilt design. In addition, Ricky demonstrates the "Flip and Sew" technique on a variation of the Drunkard's Path/Fan block. (You can try this one at home, too: We'll have a pdf of the 8" block available on the TQS website.)

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Episode 913 – TQS Quilting Legend 2011 (Eleanor Burns)
Posts on December 19, 2011
Episode 913In our 900 series finale, beloved quilter, teacher, author/publisher (of over 100 books!), longtime PBS television personality, and 2011 TQS Quilting Legend, the irrepressible Quilt-in-a-Day Lady, Eleanor Burns opens her wonderful log home and spacious studio to Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang. After Eleanor shares her quilting history and a generous sampling of quilts, we peek in on students at work on a quick-and-easy quilt using Eleanor's Fabric Frenzy pattern. Along the way, Eleanor demonstrates her technique for sewing partial seams, and takes Alex and Ricky on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint town of Julian, CA, where they sample a slice of the famous local apple pie. All in all, a "delicious" experience you won't want to miss!

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Episode 1202 – Make it Modern! (Jacquie Gering)
Posts on January 14, 2013
The modern quilters are taking a fun view of the art. Their styles are graphic, wonky, and clean. Not sure what modern means? Take a look.

Field Piece: Alma de la Melena Cox

Although she has only been quilting since 2008, teacher, author, (lifetime sewer) and Modern Quilter Jacquie Gering has already made quite a splash in the quilting world. Jacquie enjoys giving traditional blocks a fresh spin, and shares her technique for modernizing the classic Log Cabin block by altering the shape and size of the pieces and through adventurous fabric choices. She also demonstrates how to add lush texture to your quilts with straight-line quilting and the serpentine stitch. We catch up with Alma de la Melena Cox, an artist who uses paint and fabric to create "quilts on wood", while she was teaching at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, OR.

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Episode 403 – It's All About Kaleidoscopes (Ricky Tims)
Posts on February 02, 2009
Episode 403You wanted to know how Ricky Tims got his start. So, join Ricky as he charts the journey from his quilting roots to his current artistry. See his special "bargain basement sale fabrics" quilt. In this show you will peek over his shoulder as he designs a Kaleidoscope quilt. What does Ricky do with a printer that is bigger than an ironing board? He creates stunning art prints. Finally, enjoy a special Kaleidoscope video showcasing quilts from Ricky's students.

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Episode 809 – Paper-Pieced Perfection (Alex Anderson)
Posts on April 25, 2011
Episode 809It's time for quilter, teacher, Silver Star Award winner, author, and TQS co-host Alex Anderson to take the floor in an on-location episode that's all about the fine art of paper piecing. In this "from start to finish" lesson, Alex introduces the tools you'll need to do the job, and then-using the New York Beauty block-she covers choosing fabrics, fabric placement, the basics of paper piecing...even how to paper piece curves and thoughts about quilting designs. As an added bonus, she takes you on a tour of host (and quilter) Cynthia Elliott's sewing room, and learns about making pizza in Cynthia's on-site wood-fired oven. Quilting and food? Perfect!

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