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Series Two Show List
Episode 201 – Crazy about Stitching (Judith Montano)
Posts on January 07, 2008
Episode 201Judith Baker Montano, Queen and master crazy quilter, shares fun ways to enhance fabric photo imagery using multiple threads, ribbons and embellishment techniques. In addition, Judith takes us on a field trip to her fabulous home and outstanding garden. Show includes a visit from Bob, The Thread Guy, who demystifies the difference of cotton and poly thread.

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Episode 202 – Antique Linens and Textile Revival (Cindy Needham)
Posts on January 21, 2008
Episode 202Cindy Needham - Extraordinary quilter, teacher and textile expert, Cindy shares her techniques and ideas to revitalize antique linens. From choosing the appropriate quilting design, tackling stains and perfect endings Cindy will have you rummaging through your linen closet with fresh and unique ideas. In addition Cheryl Uribe, Gizmo Girl, visits with cool quilt stuff.

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Episode 203 – Ribbon Winning Applique (Suzanne Marshall)
Posts on February 04, 2008
Episode 203Suzanne Marshall International-award winning quilter shares several of her tricks and techniques that keeps her sought after as one of the best applique teachers today. (As an aside she was a key mentor to Ricky). We also have the chance to visit Suzanne at home and spend some time with Cheryl Uribe - Gizmo girl.

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Episode 204 – Crazy about Curves (Louisa Smith)
Posts on February 18, 2008
Episode 204Louisa Smith's global perspective on needlework began in Indonesia where she was born. In this episode Louise teaches curved-edge and strip piecing, her fresh ideas and fabulous inspiration will inspire you to try these techniques. In addition, Ricky shares his caveman style of curved piecing and Gregory Case, Photo Man joins Alex to discuss the ins and outs of photo sizing.

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Episode 205 – Digi BobbE - An Embroiderer's Dream (Bonnie McCaffery)
Posts on March 03, 2008
Episode 205Bonnie McCaffery author, vidcaster, designer and teacher shares her innovative approach to digitized bobbin embroidery. DigiBobbE is a unique technique invented by Bonnie for enhanced thread surface design. Gregory Case, Photo Man joins us to discuss properly photographing quilts.

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Episode 206 – Show Your Colors, "Feeling" Your Color Choices (Bill Kerr / Weeks Ringle)
Posts on March 17, 2008
Episode 206Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle: Artists, designers, teachers and owners of Fun Quilts,a company which produces heirloom - quality contemporary quilts, join us to share their unique approach to color and design. In addition we visit their organization which provides training and jobs for developmentally disabled adults in Chicago.

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Episode 207 – Thread Painting on a Long Arm (Sue Patten)
Posts on March 31, 2008
Episode 207Sue Patten, Canadian long arm professional, award winner and teacher joins TQS to share how she masters painting with thread on a long arm. In addition Cheryl Uribe, Gizmo Girl, visits with great gizmo garb.

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Episode 208 – Principally Speaking - A Firm Foundation for Fabulous Designs (Jane Davila)
Posts on April 14, 2008
Episode 208Jane Davila, mixed media, author and fiber artist teaches aspects of good design along with embellishing "out of the box". Bob, The Thread Guy explains sewing machine needles and Ricky performs Remember December.

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Episode 209 – Fabric Detective (Annie Smith)
Posts on April 28, 2008
Episode 209Annie Smith, the first podcasting queen for quilters teaches her favorite workshop which includes tricks and tips for successful fabric selection to make your quilt sparkle. Annie also shares excellent piecing techniques. In addition Cheryl Uribe, Gizmo Girl joins us.

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Episode 210 – New Twist on Applique (Beth Ferrier)
Posts on May 12, 2008
Episode 210Beth Ferrier: Teacher, Designer and author considers herself an appliquist - and wows us as she teaches how to hand applique by machine (visit her blog at Show includes piecing tips for a 4" postage stamp basket with Alex and a visit from Bob, The Thread Guy discussing tension. The tips and techniques on this show will transcend into all aspects of your quiltmaking. Plus a smile or two is guaranteed from Beth's campy attitude.

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Episode 211 – Altered Photo Artistry (Beth Wheeler)
Posts on May 26, 2008
Episode 211Ever heard of Threadography? Beth Wheeler joins us and shows how to create stunning photo finish quilts using a fool proof technique which includes photography, thread work and computer technology. The results are gallery worthy and attainable for all quilters. In addition Alex demonstrates valuable binding basics, Ricky takes us on a field trip to his Dad's studio and a new TQS feature debuts - the TQS treasure chest.

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Episode 212 – TQS Road Trip - Part One (Alex Anderson / Ricky Tims)
Posts on June 09, 2008
Episode 212Ever wonder how quilters who live in the woods claim their quilting space? Or what exactly happened with quilting during the gold rush time? Looking for a fast and quick charity quilt? On the first TQS road trip (part one), Alex, Ricky and Justin take to the California foot hills and discover the answers to these pressing questions. Travel adventure, serious bonding and lots of quilting trivia make the first TQS road trip an adventure to remember.

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Episode 213 – TQS Road Trip - Part Two (Mary Mashuta / Roberta Horton)
Posts on June 23, 2008
Episode 213The show begins on day two of our three day trip. The RV, "Anita Roadtrip," is exchanged for a "regular car" when Ricky takes the lead and directs Alex to the Cotton Patch in Lafayette, CA. Alex and Ricky have a race to select coordinating fabrics and discuss the reasons why they made their selections. The final stop of the trip is in the home of well-known quilters Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta. Learn to make creative quilt labels and discover a brilliant, fool-proof way to machine quilt. Come along for the ride as TQS closes out Series Two.

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Episode 802 – Tips and Tricks for Triangles and Strips (Edyta Sitar)
Posts on January 17, 2011
We honor the Traditional Quilter. We pick teachers that share the tips, techniques and tools that you need in your tool belt to create amazing quilts.

In this technique-packed episode, pattern and fabric designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts amazes Alex and Ricky with an easy method for producing dozens of accurate half-square triangle units in minutes with just two pieces of fabric and her Triangle Exchange Paper. The "exchange" of ideas continues as Edyta shows how to enliven your quilts with diamonds, rectangles, and other shapes made from strips and using her clever "Strip Exchange" technique. Also not to be missed: Alex demonstrates how to design and draw a custom double-feathered wreath for quilting.

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Episode 906 – From Music to Masterpiece: A New Perspective on Design (Katie Pasquini Masopust)
Posts on September 12, 2011
The art of quilting knows no bounds. Art quilters bring innovation, freedom and creativity to keep quilting on its toes. You will find the techniques shown here apply to all traditions of quilting. Quality work is always in style.

For this show, TQS returns to the beautiful Monument, CO, home of Hugh and Dee Dee Eaton with none other than the renowned art quilter, author, and teacher, Katie Pasquini Masopust. After touching on the high points of her quilting journey, and sharing some of her amazing work, she puts Alex to work on a design exercise that begins with a "no-peeking" sketch drawn to the accompaniment of classical music. (You definitely will want to try this at home!) Katie then shows how to work with the results to create an original quilt design. In addition, Ricky demonstrates the "Flip and Sew" technique on a variation of the Drunkard's Path/Fan block. (You can try this one at home, too: We'll have a pdf of the 8" block available on the TQS website.)

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Episode 913 – TQS Quilting Legend 2011 (Eleanor Burns)
Posts on December 19, 2011
Episode 913In our 900 series finale, beloved quilter, teacher, author/publisher (of over 100 books!), longtime PBS television personality, and 2011 TQS Quilting Legend, the irrepressible Quilt-in-a-Day Lady, Eleanor Burns opens her wonderful log home and spacious studio to Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang. After Eleanor shares her quilting history and a generous sampling of quilts, we peek in on students at work on a quick-and-easy quilt using Eleanor's Fabric Frenzy pattern. Along the way, Eleanor demonstrates her technique for sewing partial seams, and takes Alex and Ricky on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint town of Julian, CA, where they sample a slice of the famous local apple pie. All in all, a "delicious" experience you won't want to miss!

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Episode 1202 – Make it Modern! (Jacquie Gering)
Posts on January 14, 2013
The modern quilters are taking a fun view of the art. Their styles are graphic, wonky, and clean. Not sure what modern means? Take a look.

Field Piece: Alma de la Melena Cox

Although she has only been quilting since 2008, teacher, author, (lifetime sewer) and Modern Quilter Jacquie Gering has already made quite a splash in the quilting world. Jacquie enjoys giving traditional blocks a fresh spin, and shares her technique for modernizing the classic Log Cabin block by altering the shape and size of the pieces and through adventurous fabric choices. She also demonstrates how to add lush texture to your quilts with straight-line quilting and the serpentine stitch. We catch up with Alma de la Melena Cox, an artist who uses paint and fabric to create "quilts on wood", while she was teaching at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, OR.

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Episode 403 – It's All About Kaleidoscopes (Ricky Tims)
Posts on February 02, 2009
Episode 403You wanted to know how Ricky Tims got his start. So, join Ricky as he charts the journey from his quilting roots to his current artistry. See his special "bargain basement sale fabrics" quilt. In this show you will peek over his shoulder as he designs a Kaleidoscope quilt. What does Ricky do with a printer that is bigger than an ironing board? He creates stunning art prints. Finally, enjoy a special Kaleidoscope video showcasing quilts from Ricky's students.

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Episode 1307 – Traditional, Artsy, or Otherwise: Make Your Scrap Quilts Sing! (Alex Anderson)
Posts on September 23, 2013
Episode 1307It's a fabric lover's dream as co-host Alex Anderson "anchors" aboard the USS Yorktown with a boatload of inspiration and tips for creating sensational and successful scrap quilts. From building a healthy stash to choosing a scrap-worthy block to establishing and implementing a viable "plan" - Alex touches all the bases. (Our self-described "queen of pinning" even demonstrates a quick-and-easy, no-pin technique for piecing the Bowtie block.) Then join us for an enlightening field piece on how a group of Egyptian artisans, known as the Tentmakers of Cairo, are adapting their traditional talents to the world of quilting.

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Episode 113 – TQS Quilting Legend 2007 (Virginia Avery)
Posts on November 26, 2007
Episode 113We join Virginia Avery at her home in NY State. Jinny became one of the early quilt teachers and is noted for her sense of humor, style and incredible fortitude. Jinny not only let us take a peek in her home but offered a special view into her quilted clothing collection. You also have a special seat as Jinny jams with fellow jazz enthusiasts. We salute Jinny and thank her for her incredible contribution to our quilting industry.

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Episode 313 – TQS Quilting Legend 2008 (Jinny Beyer)
Posts on December 22, 2008
Episode 313Together we will celebrate the life and work of Jinny Beyer. Jinny has been on the quilting scene since the beginning of the Renaissance of quilting that we are enjoying today. Her books, fabrics and quilts reflect her tremendous talent. In addition, her generous spirit has opened the door to thousands of quilters over the decades. In this incredible Special Edition of TQS we get to visit Jinny in her historic home and see how a true legend lives, works and thinks! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you do not want to miss. Sit back and enjoy this tribute to one of our most legendary quilters, Jinny Beyer.

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Episode 513 – TQS Quilting Legend 2009 (Libby Lehman)
Posts on December 21, 2009
Episode 513Join Alex and Ricky as they visit the home and workspace of legendary quilter and good friend, Libby Lehman. Libby has a rich history of quilting in her family and to her credit has one of the Top 100 Quilts of the Century. You will also learn how she gets so much accomplished in spite of her incredible traveling schedule. Libby has a deep knowledge of sewing machine capabilities, an artist's feel for color, movement, and design, as well as a wonderful sense of humor. Join TQS as we celebrate Libby Lehman as our 2009 Quilting Legend.

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Episode 713 – TQS Quilting Legend 2010 (Yvonne Porcella)
Posts on December 20, 2010
Episode 713Alex and Ricky head to the home and studio of art quilter, teacher, author, Silver Star Award winner, founder of the renowned Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA), and 2010 TQS Quilting Legend, YVONNE PORCELLA. Yvonne shares her quilting history, and gives an "up-close and personal" look at some of her amazing and artful quilts and wearables. Then she puts on her "teacher" hat to show how she creates one of her Fantasy Faces and to demonstrate techniques for "taming" various types of silk fabrics. It's a show packed with inspiration, instruction, and heart...a fitting "grand finale" for the 700 series.

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Episode 1113 – TQS Quilting Legend 2012 (Meredith Schroeder)
Posts on December 17, 2012
Episode 1113We always look forward to revealing the TQS Quilting Legend of the Year, and we've never been happier than to announce our selection for 2012: co-founder and president of the American Quilter's Society, Meredith Schroeder. We begin with a tour of the National Quilt Museum, founded by Meredith and husband Bill over 20 years ago in Paducah, KY, to honor and showcase the work of quilters in a dedicated museum setting. Next, we visit the offices of the American Quilter's Society, where a busy staff of 45 produces two quilt magazines (including The Quilt Life), assorted quilt-related books, and four annual quilt shows. Finally, we drop in at the Schroeder home, where - among other things - Meredith reveals the only quilt she's ever part of an ugly quilt challenge! It's the perfect wind-up to another terrific TQS series.

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