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Series Six Show List
Episode 601 – Perfect your hand piecing (Jinny Beyer)
Posts on January 04, 2010
Episode 601Join Alex, Ricky, and the TQS crew as legendary quilter, author, and fabric designer Jinny Beyer invites us into her home in Northern Virginia, where she shares her finely honed techniques - and lots of tips - for successful hand piecing. Jinny believes that it can be faster and more accurate to piece by hand, and in this episode she'll show you how. While we're "in the neighborhood," we open the TQS Treasure Chest at Jinny's shop, Jinny Beyer Studio, and share some great gift ideas. You won't want to miss this fun and info-loaded on-site show!

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Episode 602 – Paper piece like a pro (Carol Doak)
Posts on January 18, 2010
Episode 602World-renowned (and world-traveled) quilter, author, and teacher Carol Doak brings us photos and stories from her recent trip to Iceland, followed by a show and tell of wonderful quilts and an up-close demo of her "can't-miss" foundation-piecing methods. There's more: Ricky shows how to use thread to embellish a block featuring a photo-transferred image, with an assist from The Thread Guy (Bob Purcell), who explains a variety of thread finishes. If that weren't enough, Bunny opens the TQS Treasure Chest to reveal some nifty notions, and Ricky treats us to his piano rendition of "The TQS Theme."

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Episode 603 – Do the "block shuffle" (Karla Alexander / Gayle Hillert)
Posts on February 01, 2010
Episode 603If you're looking for a simple way to give a block a unique twist, be sure to join us as quiltmaker Karla Alexander, best-selling author of the Stack the Deck book series, demonstrates how she creates and then alters a block for a fresh new look. Along the way, she takes the mystery out of sewing a partial seam, chats about her quilts, and "uncovers" a fabulous show and tell. In addition, Bernina pro Gayle Hillert is on hand to show us how to utilize decorative stitching to embellish children's clothing with techniques that adapt for quilts as well.

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Episode 604 – Become a machine "doodler" (Linda Taylor / Photo Man)
Posts on February 15, 2010
Episode 604Linda Taylor and Cheri Meineke-Johnson are well-known for their award-winning quilted and embellished creations. (Cheri makes and embellishes the quilts and Linda does the machine quilting.) In this episode, Linda joins us and uses a longarm machine to show how easy it is to build a quilted feather by "doodling." She also demonstrates how variegated thread can add extra depth to a quilted design. Alex demystifies the process of drafting an Eight-pointed Star with an easy-to-follow demo, and our in-the-know Photo Man (Gregory Case) shares valuable info for upgrading your camera to expand your photography options, including what to look for if you're in the market for new equipment. Don't miss this one!

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Episode 605 – Improvisational landscapes (Kate Cox / Dan Purcell)
Posts on March 01, 2010
Episode 605British-born textile artist Kate Cox shares her work and shows how to employ raw-edge appliqué and free-motion quilting to create an impressionistic quilt based on a favorite photograph. Kate, who now lives in Colorado and is greatly inspired by the American landscape, also demonstrates her freehand approach to cutting with a rotary cutter. Ricky introduces a terrific method for resist-dyeing a design on fabric using school glue, Procion dyes, and soda ash. Finally: Would you like to watch TQS on "the big screen?" No problem! Digital Dan (Purcell) shows how easy it is to link your computer to your TV so that you can watch TQS from your favorite easy chair... and he does it in language even a technophobe could love!

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Episode 606 – Showstopping Trapunto (Philippa Naylor)
Posts on March 15, 2010
Episode 606Award-winning quiltmaker Philippa Naylor brings it "all to the table" in this inspiring show. Philippa, who has returned to her native Yorkshire, England, after living for fifteen years in Saudi Arabia, describes how she became interested in quilting and how living in the Middle East influenced her life and her work. She also shares a show and tell of her heart-stopping quilts and demonstrates the techniques she has developed for creating the amazing trapunto that is a hallmark of her style. For the piecers among us, Alex demonstrates a simple method that yields a perfect set-in seam for a Split Lemoyne Star or other similar block.

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Episode 607 – Folded-fabric elegance (Rami Kim)
Posts on March 29, 2010
Episode 607Get your fabric-folding fix as fabric artist Rami Kim, author of Folded Fabric Elegance, shares a collection of her quilted works in an inspiring show and tell. Next, Rami demonstrates how to make her trademark, three-dimensional folded "chopkey" in both a square and hexagonal shape. We wrap up our visit with a fashion show of her wonderful wearable art, featuring Ruth and Lilo as models! (You don't want to miss that.) In keeping with the "dimensional" theme, Ricky demonstrates how to make three versions of prairie points for edging or embellishing quilts and garments.

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Episode 608 – Mastering machine appliqué (Pat Holly / Jennifer Forest)
Posts on April 12, 2010
Episode 608Ever wonder how an award-winning quiltmaker creates those perfect, teeny-tiny berries in their applique designs? Wonder no more, as master machine-appliquer Pat Holly shares her prize-capturing techniques for successful circles. Pat also shows us how she uses decorative machine stitching to create background fabric for her applique work and reveals her personal sampler book of decorative stitches. Then, stitchers and Austen fans alike will delight as author Jennifer Forest joins us via WebTV to chat about her book, Jane Austen's Sewing Box: Craft Projects and Stories from Jane Austen's Novels. Last - but certainly not least! - Alex, inspired by the stitching on an antique sleigh quilt, demonstrates the beautiful hand featherstitch.

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Episode 609 – Freeform feathers and Happy endings (Bonnie Browning / Judy Woodworth)
Posts on April 26, 2010
Episode 609This super show brings you two outstanding teachers for "the price of one!" First, professional machine- and award-winning quilter Judy Woodworth uses a Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine to create freeform, out-of-the-box feathers, and encourages Alex to try her hand as well. Then: Who doesn't love a happy ending? Bonnie Browning, author of nine books, including Borders and Finishing Touches 2, involves our enthusiastic studio audience as she demonstrates a variety of innovative techniques, tips, and notions for giving our quilts the best endings ever! You'll be learning something every moment of this jam-packed episode.

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Episode 610 – Piece a perfect landscape (Cynthia England)
Posts on May 10, 2010
Episode 610On the road again! This time, Alex and Ricky head to Texas to visit with quiltmaker, author, and pattern designer Cynthia England. In addition to treating us to a show of her work (and tales of the havoc wreaked on her studio by Hurricane Ike!), Cynthia explains how to break a complex design into manageable sections and demonstrates her award-winning paper-piecing method. She also discusses how a design wall plays an important part in her design process. In another segment, Ricky shows how to use bobbin work to add "pop" to an applique design and gives us a peek at his Dad's Lone Star quilt.

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Episode 611 – Applique the Piece O' Cake Way (Becky Goldsmith)
Posts on May 24, 2010
Episode 611Applique lovers rejoice! It's time to meet, visit with, and enjoy the work of that hand-applique dynamo, Becky Goldsmith, designer and co-founder (with Linda Jenkins) of Piece O' Cake Designs. Becky demonstrates how to applique "the Piece O' Cake way" with unique methods that include making laminated applique templates, using upholstery vinyl for placement, pieced applique backgrounds, and her signature needle-turn stitching. Ricky gets in the act by showing how to use freezer paper to design original applique designs and-as a bonus-Alex demonstrates Texture Magic: how it works and the wonderful things-such as quilts, clothing, and purses-you can use it for.

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Episode 612 – Nature's Journey (Gloria Loughman)
Posts on June 07, 2010
Episode 612G'day! Join us on a "journey of design," as quilt artist, teacher, and author, Gloria Loughman, shares the process and methods she uses to capture the natural beauty of her native Australia in her amazing, dreamlike quilts. Discover how she "builds" each quilt with fabric, paint, and thread, and the secrets of her machine-applique technique. Then Alex and Ricky stop by to visit California quilter, Jenny Mostek, whose passion for quilting outgrew her space, so...she bought the house next door! You don't want to miss this episode!

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Episode 613 – Mixing It Up (Laura Cater-Woods)
Posts on June 21, 2010
Episode 613Mixed media/fiber artist Laura Cater-Woods is our featured guest on this exciting show that is all about creativity and innovation. Laura shares a selection of her amazing, fiber-based work and describes her inspirations for designing and constructing a quilt. Then, to whet our creative appetites, she demonstrates how to build a three-dimensional stand-alone quilt using a variety of materials and media. From Susan Breier's best-selling book, It's a Wrap, Alex demonstrates how to wrap fabric cord and use it to make a fabric basket, and - ta da! - Alex and Ricky proudly unveil some stunning examples of the 2008 BOM quilt, Bouquets for a New Day, made by our talented TQS members.

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Episode 802 – Tips and Tricks for Triangles and Strips (Edyta Sitar)
Posts on January 17, 2011
We honor the Traditional Quilter. We pick teachers that share the tips, techniques and tools that you need in your tool belt to create amazing quilts.

In this technique-packed episode, pattern and fabric designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts amazes Alex and Ricky with an easy method for producing dozens of accurate half-square triangle units in minutes with just two pieces of fabric and her Triangle Exchange Paper. The "exchange" of ideas continues as Edyta shows how to enliven your quilts with diamonds, rectangles, and other shapes made from strips and using her clever "Strip Exchange" technique. Also not to be missed: Alex demonstrates how to design and draw a custom double-feathered wreath for quilting.

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Episode 906 – From Music to Masterpiece: A New Perspective on Design (Katie Pasquini Masopust)
Posts on September 12, 2011
The art of quilting knows no bounds. Art quilters bring innovation, freedom and creativity to keep quilting on its toes. You will find the techniques shown here apply to all traditions of quilting. Quality work is always in style.

For this show, TQS returns to the beautiful Monument, CO, home of Hugh and Dee Dee Eaton with none other than the renowned art quilter, author, and teacher, Katie Pasquini Masopust. After touching on the high points of her quilting journey, and sharing some of her amazing work, she puts Alex to work on a design exercise that begins with a "no-peeking" sketch drawn to the accompaniment of classical music. (You definitely will want to try this at home!) Katie then shows how to work with the results to create an original quilt design. In addition, Ricky demonstrates the "Flip and Sew" technique on a variation of the Drunkard's Path/Fan block. (You can try this one at home, too: We'll have a pdf of the 8" block available on the TQS website.)

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Episode 913 – TQS Quilting Legend 2011 (Eleanor Burns)
Posts on December 19, 2011
Episode 913In our 900 series finale, beloved quilter, teacher, author/publisher (of over 100 books!), longtime PBS television personality, and 2011 TQS Quilting Legend, the irrepressible Quilt-in-a-Day Lady, Eleanor Burns opens her wonderful log home and spacious studio to Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang. After Eleanor shares her quilting history and a generous sampling of quilts, we peek in on students at work on a quick-and-easy quilt using Eleanor's Fabric Frenzy pattern. Along the way, Eleanor demonstrates her technique for sewing partial seams, and takes Alex and Ricky on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint town of Julian, CA, where they sample a slice of the famous local apple pie. All in all, a "delicious" experience you won't want to miss!

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Episode 1202 – Make it Modern! (Jacquie Gering)
Posts on January 14, 2013
The modern quilters are taking a fun view of the art. Their styles are graphic, wonky, and clean. Not sure what modern means? Take a look.

Field Piece: Alma de la Melena Cox

Although she has only been quilting since 2008, teacher, author, (lifetime sewer) and Modern Quilter Jacquie Gering has already made quite a splash in the quilting world. Jacquie enjoys giving traditional blocks a fresh spin, and shares her technique for modernizing the classic Log Cabin block by altering the shape and size of the pieces and through adventurous fabric choices. She also demonstrates how to add lush texture to your quilts with straight-line quilting and the serpentine stitch. We catch up with Alma de la Melena Cox, an artist who uses paint and fabric to create "quilts on wood", while she was teaching at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, OR.

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Episode 403 – It's All About Kaleidoscopes (Ricky Tims)
Posts on February 02, 2009
Episode 403You wanted to know how Ricky Tims got his start. So, join Ricky as he charts the journey from his quilting roots to his current artistry. See his special "bargain basement sale fabrics" quilt. In this show you will peek over his shoulder as he designs a Kaleidoscope quilt. What does Ricky do with a printer that is bigger than an ironing board? He creates stunning art prints. Finally, enjoy a special Kaleidoscope video showcasing quilts from Ricky's students.

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Episode 809 – Paper-Pieced Perfection (Alex Anderson)
Posts on April 25, 2011
Episode 809It's time for quilter, teacher, Silver Star Award winner, author, and TQS co-host Alex Anderson to take the floor in an on-location episode that's all about the fine art of paper piecing. In this "from start to finish" lesson, Alex introduces the tools you'll need to do the job, and then-using the New York Beauty block-she covers choosing fabrics, fabric placement, the basics of paper piecing...even how to paper piece curves and thoughts about quilting designs. As an added bonus, she takes you on a tour of host (and quilter) Cynthia Elliott's sewing room, and learns about making pizza in Cynthia's on-site wood-fired oven. Quilting and food? Perfect!

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